China’s agriculture growth reflects higher yields and

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canada goose factory sale this rate of growth in the agriculture sector is now a benchmark rate for other developing countries who wish to achieve rapid economic developmentThis relatively high growth had two consequences. Firstly, it helped maintain low prices, particularly for food and agricultural raw materials, and secondly, it allowed a massive release of labour from agriculture.The proportion of total labour employed in agriculture in China dropped from around well over 50% in 1991 to around 16% in 2018, a transformation that only a few other countries in the world, such as Thailand and VietNam even come close to.The low prices of food and agricultural raw materials, along with the transfer of labour out of agriculture, provided the cheap manpower and inputs that laid the foundation for China’s competitive growth in manufacturing and services.China’s agriculture growth reflects higher yields and productivity improvements, rather than an increase in inputs. Productivity increases took place along the full value chain, from postharvest handing to processing, packaging and marketing.This was the result of investments in machinery, equipment, irrigation, storage and logistics, as well as a strong push on research and technology diffusion canada goose factory sale.