This week’s Giveaway Tuesday Photo Challenge calls for an

A Beckham insider revealed: is often nervous about David friendships with female celebrities there is naturally some jealousy given she love to spend more time with him.and Helena hit it off right away and have stayed in contact.and David have hung out quite a few times now. But Victoria heard about a late night party in Miami, which annoyed her because she wasn able to attend.He was joined by best pal Dave Gardner, 42, and also posed up with celebrities including singers Marc Anthony, 50, and Pharrell Williams, 45.Helena is a close friend of Gardner and his model wife Liv Tyler, with the group regularly socialising together in the south of France.US model Bella has been pictured alongside Becks twice before at a Paris St Germain Champions League football match in March last year and front row at the Dior Homme fashion show in Japan the following November.David and Victoria 19 year marriage has been a rocky one, despite their attempts to convey a perfect relationship on social media.The former England captain rumoured fling with ex PA Rebecca Loos, 41, shortly after he joined Real Madrid in 2004 was the first big scandal to rock the couple.But they made it clear the alleged affair was not going to break them and Brand Beckham.Opera singer Katherine Jenkins, 38, denied she was having an affair with Becks in 2012 as more women became linked with the star after he retired from football the following year.The Sun has previously revealed how Victoria has been high quality hermes birkin replica uncomfortable with David friendships with a number of high profile women.They include actress Charlize Theron, 43 and model Rosie Huntington Whiteley, 31. Victoria skipped Guy Ritchie wedding so she could avoid the pair.His friendships with singer Rita Ora, 28, and fashion designer and model Alexa Chung, 35, have also irked Posh.The Beckhams approach 20 years of marriage but it hasn’t always been easy.

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